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Facebook remains the most commonly used social media platform among marketers. 97% of B2C marketers surveyed by the Social Media Examiner stated that they use the world’s largest social network professionally. Among B2B marketers, Facebook’s reach is a little smaller, but at an adoption rate of 89% it is still the most important social platform.

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A simple explanation of SEO best and worst practices

A simple explanation of SEO best and worst practices

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Friday Reads

A quick collection of the best things we’ve been reading this week. 

Markets are now conversations, and audiences are no longer passive or static. It’s time to move beyond old demographic profiling. 

First in a series discussing what is needed to build appropriate curriculums for every different student age group as they learn to navigate social media. 

A proposal to start looking at engagement on two different levels: Active and passive. A like and a share are not the same.

Read anything good this week that we missed?

GooglePlus-Logo-02You may have heard some of the buzz around Google+ is dead, or walking dead. Where did all this talk start? It began with a change of leadership for the Google+ platform and then an article from TechCrunch; from there it moved quickly into many online claims that Google+ is over, dead, pulling the plug. In reality this is all ill-informed speculation.

Officially Google has released these statements regarding the article in TechCrunch…

Chief Architect of Google+ Yonatan Zunger said the TechCrunch article “is utter bollocks” and that the reassignment of Google+ staff to other projects was just a move of staff to a larger building with more space. As well, CEO Larry Page said on his page, “Google will continue working hard to build great new experiences for the ever increasing number of Google+ fans” and many employees responded in kind agreeing to this as well.

As for what I think…having been a heavy Google user since they first came on the scene, I look at all the recent changes and integrations Google has done with Google+ and can only say it doesn’t make any sense to kill it now.

Just look at the Google+ functionality and integration already in place…

Google+ cannot easily be turned off; it has been fully integrated into all the Google products now. In actuality it has become more of a central location for Google as a whole. It can be said that Google+ is not a social media only platform like Facebook however it hasn’t been for some time now. It has strategically moved itself into being a platform that encourages social engagement of web content as a whole.

Google+ has been changing for a while now a long time ago Google consolidated user services into the Google+ sign in: Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, all links back to your Google+ profile. Now Google+ is integrated into behind the scene tools such as; Google Analytics for the Webmasters, Google Code for Developers, and the Google Algorithm that dictates every Marketers Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is shaping how these products are used by the people behind businesses online and thus it is shaping online business as a whole.

Some newer business altering integrations include Google Authorship and Google Places being directly linked to a Google+ profile. Google Authorship plays a key role in the SEO of your blog articles and web content; it assigns a real life person to the author of your article and does this by linking to a personal (not business page) Google+ profile. As well Google Places for Business is directly linked to a Google+ business page.

It can be said that Google+ is becoming the new Google platform altogether, this is why many believe a re-brand will be coming. Very likely you will see Google+ drop the “+” and just call it “Google Sign-In”. Google has already been testing a version of their Sign In button for websites that just says “Sign in with Google” instead of “Sign in with Google+” that is a giveaway right there.

With all this functionality and integration dictating practices onto web content and online business, you can see Google+ is still very much alive and not so easily removed from the scene. Yes a re-brand looks to be on the horizon and likely when the re-brand occurs people will call out “Google+ is dead”, but in actuality it is still the same platform, functionality, and integration just with a different look and feel.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with TechCrunch and think Google+ is dead?


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Blogs are becoming one of the greatest content marketing tools for today’s internet marketing strategies.  The current market is filled with buyers who want to research,  learn,  and get others opinions on products and services before they make a purchase.   Blogs are a great way to share information in more detail for the people who want to learn more and provide a platform for customers to discuss the work you have done for them.  Below are four benefits of Blogging for business:

1. Developing your brand and showcasing your expertise

ExpertiseBusiness Blogs give you the opportunity to show your audience that you are an expert in your field and that you can not only provide them what they are looking for, but can support them when they have questions or need advice on what you are selling.  You will build trust by showing your expertise in the subject matter and your blog will become a go to source for information for your target customers.  It will build your brands credibility and give you the opportunity to compete against the larger companies.  This will also build positive reputation of your brand online and among your customer base.

Blogging also provide a platform to show your personal side and showcase your brand and company culture.  Putting a human side onto your business really helps your prospective customers connect with you and your brand.

2. Platform for customer service & community building

happy customerThe comment tools on your blog page are a great place for your customers to come together as a community and provide positive feedback about your expertise and services.  A way to get the conversation going is by asking a question or for their opinion.  A simple, “what do you think about this topic” can be enough to get things moving.  Your readers will build a community of followers and you will find they have become your greatest advocates.

As well it gives an opportunity in a controlled location for customers to submit concerns and complaints for you to mitigate and resolve.  It is more beneficial for customers to leave feedback in a comment versus in public forums where it is more difficult to get it removed or to work with a customer to resolve their complaint.

3. Drives more traffic to your website

applicationBlogs are a shareable content that your readers can pass around in multiple social platforms, news sites, and more.  You will gain more visitors to your site and this will help your blog and brand get exposed to new followers and leads which you will convert into sales.

A simple call to action on each blog post will help with this conversion.  Something such as a follow us button, a newsletter sign up, or a contact us link will lead the reader to become a loyal follower and a prospect for your services / products.

4. Improves your SEO content and ranking

histogram blue glossy iconSearch engines look for fresh content and constantly changing content on websites.  The easiest way to do this is through active blog posts.  This helps with your SEO as it tells them your website is actively maintained and they should be checking it frequently for updates.  It provides an extra page for the search engine to index.  Ensure you keep up with valid content that utilizes your keywords in each post and this will increase the opportunities for your page to move higher on the search engine results.

To Summarize…

Business Blogging will turn your audience into prospective customers and can lead to conversion of sales.  Blogging should be done weekly for best results however if you can’t keep up with it a slower result would be a monthly blog post.  This can be a hard task for the business owner who is not proficient or interested in writing.  There are many service providers out there who will write your weekly blogs for you which will save you time. There is also a couple other options, Vlogs and Podcasts.  Vlogs are video blogs and Podcasts are just audio recordings.   The downside to these, they don’t get shared as much as blogs and require video or audio editing skills as you won’t be able to get it perfect the first time.  We will discuss Vlogs and Podcasts in future articles because in a perfect world doing all three; Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts would net you a more aggressive campaign for information sharing to drive traffic and engagement.

Now that you have read these benefits of blogging what are your thoughts?  You can leave a comment below or if you want to be kept up to date on new content we create to help you with your marketing strategy, just fill out the form on our website to be added to our monthly newsletter…